TrackMan Success Stories

Here is my very first personal account using TrackMan results.  After I received my new irons in spring of 2011, I practiced on TrackMan.  I noticed all my iron launch angles were a couple degrees lower than the tour average, but yet my iron lofts were very weak.  I noticed I had an Angle of Attack of -7.8 degrees down with my 6 iron, then compared it to -4.1 degrees that TrackMan supplies as the PGA Tour average.  Here is the fix.  I bent my irons 3 degrees stronger and shallowed out my swing til my AoA was -4.0 degrees.  Guess what, My golf ball launched at the tour average of 14.0 degrees and i hit my 6 iron 8 yards farther and much higher for a soft landing shot.  Welcome to TrackMan.

John Appleget      May, 2011

A 15 year old junior is on the range at Wheat Road Driving Range.  He just quit his morning round of golf with his dad because he was very frustrated on his poor ball striking.  His dad was so supportive and brought him over to the range to practice and try and figure his swing out.  I see he is getting ready to quit because he can not stop slicing the ball.  I let him hit on TrackMan, after 5 swings we have the answer.

He is right handed and his TrackMan patterns are:

Attack Angle       -5.0 degrees
Club Path            +2.1 degrees to the right
Clubface              -5.4 degrees to the left
Spin Axis             +24 degrees(spinning to the right hard)

Just looking at those numbers, you would figure the young man would be duck hooking it.  However, he is hitting it so far on the heel, the gear effect is causing the golf ball to slice.  He visually is seeing the ball slicing, so he keeps trying to close the clubface to stop the slice.

My solution:
Stand farther from the ball, get your club path to the right more(+5.0 degrees total), then get the club face open(+3.0 degrees) at impact.  He needs to make all this happen with some basic swing adjustments.  After another 10 or so shots, he stops striking the ball severely on the clubhead heel.  Now the ball is spinning exactly to the club path/club face relationship. 

The moral of the story is you can not see or analyze the collision of a golf club and golf ball unless you have super high-speed expensive cameras.  Even then it takes a couple minutes to view the necessary video frames and see what happens at impact.  With TrackMan, you have the info instantaneously.  You can hit 7 more golf shots on TrackMan in the same time it took you to view one angle of one swing using cameras.  Don't waste time, get on TrackMan now.

A New Happy JohnApplegetGolf Student, March, 2012

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