"John Appleget has instructed both my son and I, on and off for 7 years.  I have personally taken lessons on and off for over twenty years.  I would describe John as one of the most passionate teachers I have ever met.  He is not only a teacher, but a student of the game himself.  I will often find him trying to learn something new or a way to better his game and that of his students.  Although he certainly does this to make a living, it is never about the money.  This is a rare thing to find in the golf teaching business. I would undoubtably say that he is a tremendous tool for anyone who wants to learn or better their golf game."   

Scott G.

     "I started working with John Appleget when I was 11 years old, and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get their game to the next level.  John is not only an exceptionally qualified teaching professional but also an all around good guy.  John is very knowledgeable about the game of golf.  He has always been at the forefront using technology in his lessons, and his swing analysis is still cutting edge." 
     "One of the things I like the most about John is his truthfulness.  He was always frank when he told me about my game, and he didn’t try to “sugar coat” things just to try and make me feel good.  I think that dealing with reality is important when trying to get good at golf.  At the same time John has a laid back demeanor and easy going personality that makes it easy to work with him and take the constructive criticism that is the reality of a teacher/student relationship.  He genuinely cares about his students and develops a vested interest in their goals." 
     "John built me a swing that was able to hold up through tournament highs and lows. He knows my swing as well as I do.  I could call him when needed, and in fact I did during a few demanding college tournaments.  He was able to analyze my issues over the phone, make some suggestions, and get me back on track for the tournament."
     "Going that extra mile is an example of how John views his role as much more than a coach.  After all these years I consider John Appleget a friend first and a teacher second. "

Jim Ridgway
St. Joseph’s University Golf, Class of 2011